Ciala Girls Tournament: A big Success!

The successes of Ciala girls tournament is something that I have not written about, reason being a lot has just happened.

The day this tournament was coming to an end (12th December- Jamhuri day) I received a call that I had received an award for the work we’ve done to keep girls in schools and also champion for protection of children right.

The other day I met Irene , one of the girls that was actually not only a player in the tournament but also a team manager; at her age: 18 . She just finished her Olevel last year. The year we were playing.

This ten team girls only tournament attracted girls from different quotas. We had California, White hearts, Mkendwa,Sinyolo,Bonde,Kawino,Wandega,Sianda.

This unique tournament where all girls were winners was organised by s whole raft of organisations chief being the convener Kenya Female Advisory Organization ( KEFEADO) COVVEC, and Ciala Resort among other.

Key agenda of this eventful tournament was to pass the messages: messages on Sexual Reproductive health Rights, Menstrual hygiene, Career talks,mentorship and even Leadership.

Games were used to to bring the girls together. Before they played,it was organised in such way that messages were passed to them. They would sit an specific mentor would be invited to speak/ encourage/ motivate the girls before the ball starts.

In leadership, we took time to identify which girl had shown an improvement from the time the games started four weeks ago to the end. This is when we spotted Irene. She had shown a lot of improvement in term of her leadership and interpersonal skills, considering her background.She also managed to showcase an economic activity she was doing: making of rag mats..this she did to support herself and money she got used to basic amenities and support her family. Irene was also seen to resonate well with the mentors, as she kept following them after talks to ask them genuine questions. She wanted to learn.

Irene was picked for two subsequent leadership academies that were organised by KEFEADO in April 2019.

AS I meet her and she tells me that she has been picked to go to India and showcase her football playing skills, I felt joy well up from my heart.

Surely, their is a lot in partnership. And this result, Irene, is a very strong indicator of what we can do if we come together.

Thanks Executive Director of KEFEADO, Easter Achieng for the Initiative to uplift the status of girls, children and women in the Society through multi sectoral approach.

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