At Ramogi Radio Studios: Girls Reentry Policy

Cosmas Onywera, special education specialist, Robert Omwa, a Beacon teacher and Nancy Okoth a champion for girls and children working with Plan International were at Ramogi FM studios. The reason was to spread the messages on girls reentry program by the government. This is also a program that is run by Plan ,headed by Nancy Okoth.

At the studio the discussions were very productive was shown by the kind of phone callers that we got,the issues were key and partinent.

Robert Omwa pushing in a point how Beacon teachers are doing everything possible to ensure girls remain in school at the Ramogi FM studios, he was accompanied by Nancy Okoth of plan international and Cosmas Onywera an officer at the Education office.
Cosmas Onywera, Willis Raburu a journalist at the Royal media services the umbrella where Ramogi Radio falls, Nancy Okoth of Plan International and Robert Omwa ,the Beacon teacher.

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