When one concerned teacher was fed up of cases of abuse on girls learning in her school, she thought of what she could do. She felt that she may not have been the most powerful and knowledgeable to act on this, but she knew there was something she could do.She remembered some Facebook posts she had been reading constantly about keeping children safe from violence. She then decided to drop Beacon teacher Robert Omwa a message on his messenger about the situation in her school and the possibility of inviting the beacon teachers to come and sensitive teachers and learners on how to keep themselves safe. She also realised that the children in her school were not opening up to report the many cases that reached her. Madam Monica then liased with her headteacher who straight away gave permission to beacon teachers to visit Omore Primary.
On the other end in the Kisumu teachers Beacon teachers WhatsApp group discussion was ongoing on how to fix time and visit this school. Beacon teachers, as always swung into action and fixed a date for the visit. It was a time that schools were doing end year examinations but a middle ground was reached. Remember , these champion teachers have no source of funds to move but as one of them puts it , what fuels them is only passion to defend the child!
On 15th October Beacon teachers Denney’s Mbaja, Pamela Magawi and Robert Omwa leave for Seme for this afternoon sensitization drive. On reaching the school they first had a session and shared the tanets of child protection with the teachers before talking to the learners. The teachers were taken through positive discipline, TSC secular 3/2010 and also the referral pathways.Children to were taken through what rights are types of abuses, what to do in case of an abuse.The children loved the sessions and by the time it ended, they were requesting for a repeat visit.
In hand the beacon teachers left with small pieces of paper with the the hearty issues that the children wrote anonymously. These writings are to be analyzed by the Beacon team and them necessary intervention measures recommended to the school through the child protection teacher in the school and their able headteachers.As the Sun set that Tuesday evening beacon teachers left that school happy to have empowered a child ,teachers ,who showed a lot of positivity to Child safeguarding also dismissed children from school that evening feeling more energized and even requested and further visit.
“Are you able to comeback before we do KCPE ?” one pupil asked
” We may not be able to , but we are definitely coming to your secondary school next year,”one Beacon teacher answered

Beacon teachers Denneys Mbaja and Robert Omwa take a selfie with the learners of Omore school after a sensitization session with the children.
Beacon teacher Robert Omwa, HSC in action talking to the children about the NO- GO-TELL rule
Sensitization on going.
Beacon teachers, Pamela Magawi, Robert Omwa and Denneys Mbaja after the sensitization session with the teachers where Denneys harmed to the teachers on the importance of adopting Positive Discipline ways !

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