I once watched television with my children, we enjoyed; I felt like a very responsible parent who was on the lookout on what his children watched, I was actually living what we teach( as Beacon teachers) Then all over sudden the children burst out into a laughter that woke me from my dozing(i was not actually doing what i was claiming to be doing well) This made me really curious and what i saw made shriek with shame. The character on the screen had removed his clothes and was actually showing his hind side to the viewers! Though i didn’t comment about this but it kept me asking what other things have these children seen when i was not around; i suspected cartoons!

Now that schools are on December holidays the modern parent is in panic mode. The children are home! The parents are truly terrified. Terrified, is n understatement. Teachers kept these children busy with class work, hence parents only met them at most for 3 hours each day from Monday to Friday.

Disney and other franchise that churn out such products that are aiming at children are requested to watch out for images however subtle as the one shown below.tlm-penis-e1507216870202[1].png

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