Mary Shuttleworth, founder Youth for Human Rights International visits Precious Seed Africa

In mid March 2020 the Founder of Youth for Human Rights International visited Precious Seed Africa at the Nyahera Community Hall. Mary Shuttleworth praised the good work done by PSA to educate the community on Human rights and encouraged us to talk of responsibilities too to the youth and Children so that they make Good Choices, free from intimidation.

“Apart from rights ,youths need to know their responsibilities,” Human Rights International president and founder Mary Shuttleworth said.

Dr. Shuttleworth was in the country for the World Human Rights Education Tour 2020. She was flanked by Barry Paul, the executive director of Giselle Foundation. Barry, upon receiving her into the country linked with Victor Okinda a founding member of PSA and they had visits in schools, colleges and universities in the capital, Nairobi. Victor Okinda vividly remembers their visit to the informal settlement of Kibera. The largest slum in Kenya and specifically at New Horizon Mixed Secondary School , Kibera, Nairobi to spread human rights messages. A girl approached him after the lectures and asked to be mentored by him. This is what PSA stands for; holding the guiding LIGHT to the upcoming members of the society.

Members of PSA were the pioneers of Human rights education in the country from 2015, hence this visit by YHRI was an emphatic thumbs up for the good job. She promised to support PSA in getting materials needed for human rights dissemination and also helping to open up the United Nations offices in Gigiri for more youth activities in Kenya.

Barry Paul of Giselle Foundation also promised a lot of linkages with PSA even long after the president will have left.

Some members of the PSA were given certificates for their diligent service in volunteering for the community.

Dissemination on Universal Declaration of Human Rights by Mary Shuttleworth ( centre), the president and founder of Youth for Human Rights International at Nyahera Community Hall, in attendance is Barry Paul of Giselle Foundation.
Precious Seed Africa officials chairing the meeting.
Dr. Mary Shuttleworth ( second from left) president and founder of YHRI addresses members of PSA, she is joined by members of Giselle Foundation headed by Barry Paul.
A group photo for members of PSA with the President and founder of YHRI Mary Shuttleworth
Hannington Ago PSA founding member leads a “selfie moment” with Dr. Mary Shuttleworth
Pamela Magawi aka Mama Human Rights got up close and candid with Madam president as Collins Otiende PSA Publicity Officer keeps a close look.

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