Ending Corporal Punishment in Kenya.

Corporal punishment refers to the use of physical force to inflict pain or discomfort as a form of punishment. It is a common practice in many parts of the world, including Kenya. However, there is growing concern about the negative effects of corporal punishment, especially on children's physical and emotional well-being. In this essay, we... Continue Reading →

In need of Safe Spaces for Children.

By Silas Odhiambo There is an acute need of children rescue centres in Kenya. Children institutions like orphanages need to be added if we are to secure the future and well being of our young ones. I have met Beacon teachers and other child workers who have rescued a child from an abusive family,arrests done,... Continue Reading →

Break the Cycle of Violence !

The cycle of violence/abuse must be broken so that we protect today’s children and future generation from violence and abuse . Children’s memory tend to replay either the torture they have gone through or the rescue they received in time of torture . When the memory of the children who have passed through our hands... Continue Reading →

Child to Child …

A new study shows that when children learn to interact effectively with their peers and control their emotions, it can have an enormous impact on how their adult lives take shape. And according to the study, kids should be spending more time on these skills in school.

​Children and Politics.

2017 is an important year in the history of this great nation Kenya. This is the year when the nationals go to the ballot to pick a leader of their choice, the 4th or the 5th president of Kenya. Already the nomination process is behind us. The violence witnessed during that period was immense: What... Continue Reading →

Day of the African Child.

June 16th Every year the African Child is celebrated. This is a Child in much need of protection. This is a child who find herself in most of the so called 3rd world countries. Save a child ,save the future,so we say! If all stakeholders brought their efforts together to save the the child, then... Continue Reading →


Spanking teaches children that violence is the solution to problems. It also teaches children that it is okay to use physical violence to control other people and situations. Spanking teaches kids that it is okay to hit the people you love. Spanking teaches them nothing that will be useful or helpful in their adult lives... Continue Reading →

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