Fear of Math Among students

​The truth is that we should never label ourselves or anyone else as not a “math person.” We cannot let the math fundamentals be the hurdle limiting our potential. Our daily lives are too dependent on math to ignore. Math skills are survival skills.

Know of an Abused Child? Call 116 Now !

Schola enters the Area Chief's Office with the bursery forms in her fearful, tiny hands.If this form lies Scholastica's goal of pursuing education to the highest level if she jumps this hurdle.She is almost getting the scholarship deal. This office is the only remaining hurdle. She is a partial orphan.An added advantage! The Chief is... Continue Reading →


My heart goes out to all the orphans today , as we celebrate World Aids Orphans Day which comes on 7th of May every year.Being without parents in this cruel world is no easy thing.Parents are everything.Agree?Yes.They are mentors,providers guide, and the list is endless.I remember vividly how some years back I drifted into denial(my... Continue Reading →

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