Fear of Math Among students

​The truth is that we should never label ourselves or anyone else as not a “math person.” We cannot let the math fundamentals be the hurdle limiting our potential. Our daily lives are too dependent on math to ignore. Math skills are survival skills.

Child to Child …

A new study shows that when children learn to interact effectively with their peers and control their emotions, it can have an enormous impact on how their adult lives take shape. And according to the study, kids should be spending more time on these skills in school.

Finally the word ‘Tibim’ Explained.

Baby Owino,a professional student, perennial student leader at The University of Nairobi, the nominee for MP in Embakasi ,Nairobi,is accredited for having introduced this word Tibim to Kenya's political fora this electioneering year,2017. This word will go down the history of this country as the most used word with the least understanding of its meaning.... Continue Reading →

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