Better the Devil I know

As a child protection Activist, am always  excited about child development stages.They fascinate me. Hence when I was invited by my church pastor to be a godfather to this angel in the picture below I was very excited,and it got me thinking. How a child grows.Trumpling the milestones.It made me think of the adult life... Continue Reading →

Fear Not!!!

Fear is the biggest enemy that most of us encounter in our pursuit for a fulfilling life.  Fear not, the ONLY thing to fear is fear itself!  People fail to realize that failure is normal. If you fail you will not be the first one to fail in life. Failure is a setback. Setbacks are met... Continue Reading →

Stay on the High Road.

Don’t get distracted, entangled, wasting time and energy in battles that don’t matter. Ask yourself, “If I take time to win this battle, will I be any further toward my destiny?” Stay on the high road.

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