Communicating With Adolescents.

It can be challenging to communicate with adolescents, but here are some tips to help: Be a good listener: Adolescents want to be heard and understood. So, when talking to them, try to listen attentively to what they are saying, and give them the chance to express themselves. Be non-judgmental: Adolescents often feel that they... Continue Reading →

Learn to say NO to your child.

By Judith Achieng. Everybody wants the best for their children. The very best that not even our parents could give us.In doing this parents often try to give in to every demand made by their children. Children of today get it very easy . Saying NO is also key to a child's growth. Never feel... Continue Reading →

Fear of Math Among students

​The truth is that we should never label ourselves or anyone else as not a “math person.” We cannot let the math fundamentals be the hurdle limiting our potential. Our daily lives are too dependent on math to ignore. Math skills are survival skills.

​Children and Politics.

2017 is an important year in the history of this great nation Kenya. This is the year when the nationals go to the ballot to pick a leader of their choice, the 4th or the 5th president of Kenya. Already the nomination process is behind us. The violence witnessed during that period was immense: What... Continue Reading →


Spanking teaches children that violence is the solution to problems. It also teaches children that it is okay to use physical violence to control other people and situations. Spanking teaches kids that it is okay to hit the people you love. Spanking teaches them nothing that will be useful or helpful in their adult lives... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day:The Flip side!

Happy belated Mother's day to all real mothers out there! I don't know,but I have a feeling that the above mentioned Day comes more than once a year.Could it be because of the hype that normally accompanies it? 'Happy Father's Day' only comes once  a year and it is normally low key.Where did fathers go... Continue Reading →


Citadel of our family,  A star at  the roof of our house,  We honour you, father. Citadel  of our family,  Your concern for  us is unlimited,  You pay for many things : Food and clothes,  Health and education.  A star at the roof of our house,  We honour you, father.  Pillar of our family,  Our... Continue Reading →

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